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Accelerating progress in Aerospace and Defense.

Cloud-native data integration, management and analysis platform for complex systems.

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Unlimited scale, speed, and collaboration for complex systems testing and monitoring.

Siloed data and legacy solutions increase costs and slow down testing and operations.

CloudTS Platform combines powerful data processing at the edge with advanced cloud-based infrastructure so your teams can effectively manage and analyze a wide array of data, supporting everything from routine testing to complex dataset evaluations.

Makes R&D more productive, safer and collaborative, and builds your organization's data-driven knowledge base.

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Organize and leverage your data assets. Build a competitive edge.

CloudTS is a secure, petabyte-scale data analysis platform with advanced data management and automated workflows. It is a hardware-agnostic central system of record, supporting a variety of designs, vehicle architectures, environments, and data formats.

Data acquisition and sensor systems management.


Complex system testing necessitates frequent updates to sensors and recording systems, often causing bottlenecks and delays.

  • Slow and costly telemetry processing due to isolated systems.
  • Poor data transmission capabilities.
  • Inadequate access to historical data for analysis.


An instrumentation-ready data collection platform that increases confidence and tempo of test planning and eliminates configuration errors.

  • Standards-compliant database for equipment and instrumentation.
  • Collaborative workflows for data source ICD ingestion.
  • Flexible reuse and reconfiguration of test setups, with error detection, configuration control, and historical traceability.
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Meteoceanic forecast integration


Reliable weather forecasts and monitoring systems are critical for test planning, risk mitigation and successful outcomes.

  • Difficulty in integrating forecast data into mission plans.
  • Risk of performing tests outside the envelope limitations and safety boundaries. 
  • Cost impact of downtime and inefficient scheduling.


Advanced environmental monitoring and predictions reduce downtime and optimize test scheduling and execution.

  • Historical atmospheric weather database with trends and risk factors.
  • Advanced meteorological models and real-time weather monitoring.
  • Decision support system considering vehicle operational limits.
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Systematic and collaborative planning


Safe and successful test planning and execution requires systematic documentation, review, and coordination.

  • Siloed data makes processing slow, inefficient and expensive. 
  • Limited access to historical data limits knowledge building. 
  • Uncoordinated workflow creates risks and multiple points of failure.


Collaborative platform and workflow that unite test pilots, engineers, and conductors, minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency.

  • Database with historical test scenarios, risks, and hazards.
  • Systematic data collection for thorough documentation and test cards.
  • Risk assessment and contingency planning.
  • Open interfaces for seamless integration and interoperability.
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Immediate assessment of test results.


Instant access to real-time and post-flight data for preliminary analysis is critical, yet often hindered by costly real-time monitoring and proprietary data extraction tools.

  • Need to immediately confirm that relevant data has been captured
  • Assess safety concerns 
  • Decide whether to proceed with testing or abort
  • Hardware vendors often restrain the interoperability of their data.


Cost-effective, hardware-agnostic, browser-based client for real-time monitoring and immediate data verification, safety assessment, and decision-making.

  • Low-cost deployment and fast setup.
  • Simple, reliable utilities for data conversion and extraction.
  • Ensures interoperability beyond hardware vendor limitations.
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Scalable long-term storage and data exploitation


Vehicle development requires managing large, heterogeneous data sets.

  • Complex data: multiple reference time sources, high-dimensional, multi-frequency time series
  • Heterogeneous sources and formats: instrumentation, sensors, multi-stream video and audio, and manual notes.
  • Cost and lack of scalability of general purpose storage and home-grown solutions.


Data management platform with high-performance databases, offering secure, scalable infrastructure adaptable to various data sources and formats.

  • Handles complex data from multiple sources with ease.
  • Secure, permission-based self-service model for data management.
  • Robust integration with analysis tools, pipeline and broad software library access.
  • Open APIs for extensibility and interoperability.
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Analysis and insights


Flight test data analysis is hindered by fragmented coding and local data access, leading to inefficient and non-reproducible workflows.

  • Siloed code and local processing prevent seamless access to the complete corpus of data.
  • Brittle and difficult-to-reproduce pipelines.
  • Limited collaboration and reproducibility.


Unified data storage and analysis system with an intuitive interface and collaborative tools, speeding up issue resolution and facilitating collective insight.

  • Separation of data storage and analysis layers
  • Interactive and intuitive environment for data plotting, exploration, analysis, and collaboration.
  • Scalable and programmable compute pipelines
  • Easy archival of analyses and reports of flight tests for future reference.
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What others say

Our programs have gained significant speed and efficiency with Marpin Labs' intuitive, end-to-end platform. CloudTS is a very powerful solution for varied and complex integration & test environments.

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Travis Vetter – Chief Engineer

Powerful features for your testing and operations

Lightning-fast data collection and processing icon

Lightning-fast data collection and processing

Up to hundreds of 1000's of channels and GigaHertz frequencies. Hardware agnostic.

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Elastic cloud storage and cloud-compute capacity

Petabyte-scale, 10+ years of data retention, reproducibility of historical data analyses.

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Powerful data search, annotation, and visualization

Customizable real-time and post-flight data review & quick-look reports.

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Industry and cybersecurity standards compliance


ML AI icon

Programmable pipelines with ML/AI

Time-series classification, trend analysis, and anomaly detection.

collaboration icon cloudts

Cross-departmental collaboration workflows

Coordinate instrumentation, telemetry, flight sciences subsystem R&D, and test personnel.

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A flexible and collaborative platform

An open architecture of integrated solutions.

Pick one, several or all products. Use our wide range of open APIs to integrate with your existing testing infrastructure.

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We are Marpin Labs

Marpin Labs was founded by Jesús A. Pindado and Albert Martin, who bring together a wealth of international experience and specialized expertise in aerospace engineering and computer science.

Their journey has been highlighted by successes in both big tech and in the startup arena, especially in addressing complex data and AI computing challenges.

After two successful exits and a proven track record of developing innovative, cutting-edge products at companies such as Google, Orbital ATK/Northrop Grumman, Qualcomm, and Medidata, Albert and Jesús began their collaboration in 2014 at MC10, focusing on the development of sensor cloud technology.

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