Make testing and monitoring more efficient, safer, and  collaborative.

Cloud-based applications and data analytics revolutionized many business processes, but have fallen short when addressing mission critical needs in aerospace, defense, and transportation – until now.

It's time to break fragmented workflows and data silos created by home-grown solutions and traditional, on-premise testing and monitoring systems.

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CloudTS is a next generation industrial data management and analysis platform.

Modular software products with APIs for open interoperability and integration.


SOC2 T2 | NIST 800-171 | FedRAMP

CloudTS Data Source Config Manager

ICD synchronization

Up-to-date master record of data sources & equipment: ARINC, CAN-bus, UART, 1553, ethernet, etc.

Dynamic configuration

Agile mission setup with software-defined data acquisition topologies and schemas.

History & Version control

Access to historical configuration artifacts,  instrumentation lists, TMATS setups, etc.

Team Collaboration

Shared definition and maintenance of data lists, metadata, link & memory budgets, etc.

Screenshot of Data soure configurator in CloudTS

CloudTS Test Planner

Test card planner

Systematic test instructions

Adopt best practices  for safe and effective definition and review of work instructions and test hazards.

Knowledge database

Empower operators with historical archival, annotation, and reuse features.

Team collaboration

Collaborative review and optimized test card sequencing, test point transitions, and deck release.

Interoperable with CloudTS

Deep integration with real- time monitoring and post-flight data management systems.

CloudTS Weather

Historical Data

Access historical data for statistical analysis of relevant phenomena in order to confidently plan and schedule missions.

Accurate Forecasts

Benefit from high-accuracy global forecasts, understand confidence levels, and augment models with local stations.

High resolution

Define high spatial and temporal resolution windows along and around specific waypoints, mission trajectories, and operational plans.

Smart alerts

Receive alerts that correlate with your vehicle's operational envelope constraints, ensuring you stay ahead of potential issues.

Screenshot of CloudTS Meteoceanic Forecast Engine

CloudTS Ch10 Simplex

SimplexTS inside CloudTS is a Chapter 10 local data manager

Simple operation

Take one or many large IRIG106-23 Ch10 files as input and generate CSV, Parquet, or HDF5 data as output.

Fast Conversion & Export

10x faster than other solutions due to proprietary implementation and parallel data processing.

Supports Advanced CLI

Flexible interface for programmatic and parametric conversion of data via i/o queues.

Embeddable SDK

Embeddable SDK licensing available for custom integration products.

CloudTS RealTime Monitor

Remote observability architecture

Cost-effective, light-weight, and low-latency, in-browser clients complement high-end on-site control room stations.

Event integration

Mark and integrate significant events and test points into mission data from remote telemetry monitoring clients.

Intuitive control

Easily navigate through time with scroll and playback, enhancing data review processes.

Automated design

Streamlined screen design and validation with automated  detection of config mismatches.

Screenshot of CloudTS Real-Time Monitor

CloudTS Analysis & Reports

Python & Matlab

Integration with familiar coding environments allows teams to quickly create analysis scripts and reports.

Collaboration at scale

Enable persistent collaboration with shared code, unified data records, and centralized reporting.

Machine Learning capabilities

Use latest ML/AI frameworks to build models from archived data.

Automated pipelines & reports

Build pipelines for automated and consistent analysis of new data sets.

Security and peace of mind

Cybersecurity compliance

Cybersecurity via SOC2 T2, NIST 800-171, and higher-level frameworks.

NIST 800-171 logo


Adheres to RCC IRIG106, STANAG, and other key industry standards.

IRIG 106 logo

Trusted cloud  partners

Runs on leading GCP  & AWS commercial and government clouds (any region)

Rigorous certification

Extensive independent evaluations by  third-party auditors.

Tailored support

We roll-up our sleeves to support your mission. Our customer onboarding and success teams are comprised of aerospace and defense-tech engineers who offer deep domain-specific software and data analysis expertise.

Our committed service team supports you through planning, testing, and operational phases, aiming to reduce cycles, eliminate costs, and burn down technical risks in order to prevent schedule delays.

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