About Marpin Labs

Marpin Labs brings together decades of specialized experience and deep domain expertise at the intersection of aerospace systems integration, software engineering, and cloud data-management infrastructure. Founded by Jesús A. Pindado and Albert Martin, we are a growing early-stage team of talented and hard-working doers and builders. Customers love our work and our commitment to their mission.

Picture of Jesus A. Pindado
Jesus A. Pindado
Picture of Albert Martin CTO at Marpin Labs
Albert Martin

Our journey includes both big tech and previous startups, and has been marked by a track record of success addressing complex challenges that span hardware, software, and data.

Albert and Jesús began their collaboration in 2014 at MC10, where they led the development of sensor and cloud technology that became the gold-standard for the clinical trials industry after an acquistion by Medidata / Dassault Systemes.

After three exits and a proven track record developing innovative, cutting-edge products at companies such as Orbital ATK/Northrop Grumman, Broadcom, and Google, the founders were motivated by lessons learnt and a sense of mission in a world increasingly shaped by geostrategic power shifts.

We came together in 2022 with the ideation and prototyping of a modern system for processing complex data for large-scale aerospace, defense, and industrial applications. The initial concept was quickly validated when a pivotal commercial contract was secured with aircraft manufacturer Skydweller Aerospace, which marked an important early milestone for the company.

Today, we see confirmation that the race to develop space, aviation, defense, and transportation systems that are cost-effective, energy efficient, and superior in speed and performance is intensifying around the globe.

Recent world events have catalyzed efforts by venture and government capital allocators, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs, but even the best teams often struggle to meet quality, time, and budget expectations.

Marpin Labs aims to change this status quo. We believe  a new generation of software capabilities can unlock value, boost productivity, and deliver profitability for organizations in the industrial base of the Global West that are hindered by limited and limiting makeshift in-house solutions, or by the maintenance of highly inefficient and outdated systems.

Our mission is to accelerate progress in aerospace, and defense with modern software and data infrastructure. We work for the enablement of industrial OEMs and government customers in the USA and Europe who want to assert and maintain leadership in these strategic.

Our technology helps teams to de-risk the development, test, and operation of complex systems across land, sea, and space, ensuring compliance while providing flexibility, hardware-agnostic data collection, and a broad range of open APIs.

If you are interested in solutions to complex coordination problems across instrumentation configuration control, industrial testing, and data management and analysis, we encourage you to getin touch.

Chances are high we can deliver smart, software-defined workflows, technologies for data management and analysis, and superior engineering decision-support tools for your teams to collaborate better, saving you time and money.

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